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Time Card Calculator Software - Time Cloc Calculator Software - Replace You Mechanical Time Clock

​​​Track employee time card work hours with a software replacement for your manual time clock. Let our easy to use time clock software calculate employee work hours and earnings. The built-in time card calculator quickly and accurately creates printable time cards and time sheets. TimeCard Manager Pro - TimeCard Manager Basic - ProjexTraker

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Runs on Windows

Time Card Calculator Software - Time Clock Calculator Software - Replace You Mechanical Time Clock

•Time Card Calculator / Time Clock Calculator software replaces your mechanical time clock.

•Simple to use time card interface.

•Replace your manual Time Clock.

•Manage a maximum 200 employees and their time cards.

•Software creates time cards containing up to 10 projects per time card.

•Time calculator creates time sheets with employee hours and earnings.

•Receive emails for employee status.

•Built in message center.

•Software prevents unauthorized time alteration.

Compatible with Futronic fingerprint scanner models  FS80  FS82  FS88  FS10

•Time card and employee data encryption.

•Built-in data backup and restore.

•Can be installed on a single computer or on a network (LAN) •No maintenance fees.

•Runs on Windows 98SE/2000/NT/XP/Windows Server/Vista/Windows 7/8

•NOTE: This version is not compatible with data from versions prior to 6.0.0

TimeCard Manager Pro  ( Time Calculator Software )