Time Card Calculator Software - Time Clock Calculator Software - Replace You Mechanical Time Clock
Here you can choose to run the application or cancel the operation. If the you press the Run anyway button, the application will be run and if you press the Don't run button, the application will not be run.

If the you press the More info link, an information message like the one below will be shown on the screen:

Windows 8/10 Smart Screen Warning

SmartScreen is technology from Microsoft that helps users protect their computers against threats from the Internet, for example against malware and phishing attempts. SmartScreen was first introduced in Internet Explorer 8, and is also a part of Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11. One new SmartScreen feature that was added to Internet Explorer 9 is the reputation check, which is made on all files downloaded from the Internet.
With the release of Windows 8/10, the SmartScreen filtering now also operates on desktop level. The SmartScreen technology in Windows 8/10 is named Windows SmartScreen and it makes a reputation check on any file or application that is downloaded from the Internet. The reason why SmartScreen now functions on desktop level is that users nowadays often use other web browsers than Internet Explorer (for example Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) and by operating on desktop level SmartScreen can protect the computer also when Internet Explorer is not used

If you download via the Internet, Windows SmartScreen can affect what happens the first time you start an application or start the installation of an application. SmartScreen will make a reputation check and if the trust is not high enough, Windows 8/10 will notify the user in this way:

Time Card Calculator Software replaces your mechanical time clock

Time Card Calculator Software - Time Cloc Calculator Software - Replace You Mechanical Time Clock

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