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Time Card Calculator Software - Time Clock Calculator Software - Replace You Mechanical Time Clock

03/28/2016     Printer List Update

08/25/2015     Bug Fixes

07/31-2016     Fixed Receipt Layout Crash

07/19/2015     Bug Fixes

03/02/2019     Bug Fixes. Enhanced batch printing of forms.

03/11/2019     Interface now matches that of the Pro version. 

​01/06/2019     Fixed Accrued Time Calendar Widget.

11/22/2019     Fixed Employee Messaging.

10/28/2019     Fixed Time Sheet Printing.

10/22/2019     Fixed missing on screen time slot/fixed card editor.

09/18/2019     Fixed Email Notifications.

04/08/2019     Added Futronic Fingerprint Scanner compatibility.

Recommended update even if you do not need the fingerprint function.

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Time Card Calculator Software - Time Cloc Calculator Software - Replace You Mechanical Time Clock

​​​Track employee time card work hours with a software replacement for your manual time clock. Let our easy to use time clock software calculate employee work hours and earnings. The built-in time card calculator quickly and accurately creates printable time cards and time sheets. TimeCard Manager Pro - TimeCard Manager Basic - ProjexTraker

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